The Dutch House of Representatives decided Scapino Ballet Rotterdam must retain its place in the Duch cultural infrastructure. Earlier this week, Minister Van Engelshoven indicated that she also believes that Scapino plays an important role in, among other things, the spread of dance in the Netherlands.

Everyone at Scapino is delighted with the minister's intended decision. We would first like to thank you, our visitor. We get on the bus for you, to Heerlen, Terneuzen, Meppel or Nijmegen, for example. For you, our dancers work up a sweat in our studios and on the stage of all major theaters in the country.

In addition, we thank all the theaters that have spoken out for us. We look forward to continuing to build solid dance programming and the accompanying dance audience. Thanks also to the festivals where Scapino performs, the dance academies that train our dancers of the future and the fellow dance companies.

We look forward to getting back on the bus to theaters across the country as soon as possible. More on that soon!