Man en vrouw in een groene huiskamer die ruzie lijken te maken

Gwen Langenberg nominated for Young Swan

Dancer Gwen Langenberg has been nominated for a Young Swan for most impressive youth dance performance 2024. In choreographer Cecilia Moisio's performance Pinocchio Effect, Gwen played the role of a father in a dysfunctional family.

According to the jury, Gwen delivered exceptional artistic quality: "In a richly varied dancing career, Gwen Langenberg developed into a versatile performer. She proves this in Cecilia Moisio's spectacularly designed creation Pinocchio Effect. Effortlessly, Langenberg alternates playing an authoritarian father with minimalist dance phrases, striking a fine balance between concentration and expressiveness."

The prestigious dance award will be presented at the Dutch Dance Days Gala in Maastricht on Friday 4 October. Congratulations on the nomination Gwen!

Pinocchio Effect - a co-production with Maas theatre and dance - was in theatres throughout the Netherlands from 1 December 2023 to 2 March 2024.