Kleurrijk beeld met daarop de titel De Leugendetective

Watch the video series De Leugendetective

With funding from Blockbuster Fund Xtra, we are making the special video series De Leugendetective (The Lie Detective). A series of three videos that can be used as a deepening of the show Pinocchio Effect. But also a series that is simply fun for teenagers and young people to watch. And that can be used for teachers and parents as a conversation starter.

In this Dutch three-part series, presenter Jackie van Parijs explores the What? Huh's? and How's? surrounding the phenomenon of lying. For example, is it really always wrong to lie? And what kinds of lies are there?

Every Friday, a new episode appears on Youtube and on scapinoballet.nl/de-leugendetective. De Leugendetective was produced in-house under the direction of Iris Hendriks, with skits written and performed by De Amazones and presentation texts by Sara Giampaolo.

Watch the first episode below: Why do we lie?