Drie blij kijkende jonge mannen die een grote cheque vasthouden met de tekst 'xl production award 2024'

Min Kim wins XL Production Award 2024 at RIDCC

Min Kim wins in the XL Production Award 2024 at the finals of Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. The South Korean choreographer will receive the world's largest dance prize worth 100,000 euros, awarded by RIDCC and produced by Scapino.

The duet Are You Guilty? investigates the 'Bystander effect,' a phenomenon from social psychology in which people are less likely to come to the rescue when there are many onlookers. Min asks questions about human empathy and the desire to help others. The show fuses together hip-hop, theatre and dance to ask timely questions about the nature of empathy and our appetite for coming to the aid of others. Using amazing dance moves it explores the fine line between a perpetrator and a victim.

The jury was very impressed by Min Kim’s piece and its fascinating atmosphere. It was extremely virtuosic in the use of props, timing and physicality. The risk and deeper thought behind it were well executed. The jury found the piece relevant of our time. The use of silence was poignant and effective.

Min Kim
Min Kim is a choreographer based in Seoul, South Korea. He is continuing to think about what kind of art work should be presented in today's era. Min is part of TOB Group (Think Outside the Box). A group of young and energetic Korean contemporary dancers who studied at the Korea National University of Arts. Since their inception, the group has specialized in creating genre-defying physical works that explore cross-cultural social phenomena, aiming to transcend traditional contemporary dance and connect with audiences in new ways.

As a partner of the first hour of the unique choreography competition RIDCC, Scapino is a springboard for choreographic talent worldwide. Dutch audiences will be introduced to Min Kim during one of the future editions of our talent development programme Origin.