Logo's van Misiconi en Scapino Ballet Rotterdam geplaatst voor een groep dansers.

Documentary about collaboration with Misiconi

In September 2023, Misiconi & Scapino Ballet joined hands for an artistic exchange. For ten weeks, dancers from both companies shared the floor to learn from each other and each other's practices.

It's a wonderful collaboration to build a new future, to make dance even more engaging and inclusive.

-Ed Wubbe

Documentary filmmaker Bjorn Plooster captured the collaboration between Scapino and Misicinoy in a mini documentary that can be seen here.


The focus of the collaboration was equality and learning from each other. In this project, the dancers find out about each other's possibilities and limits. In those limits, in turn, lie new possibilities, which is ultimately where the inspiration and challenge lies.

Joop Oonk, artistic director talks about the collaboration: "As a company, Misiconi is often flown in because of our inclusive nature. Only, what we stand for should become structural in the dance and arts sector. Through this collaboration, we can show that we are not inferior to others."

Ed Wubbe: "I am of course saying goodbye to Scapino Ballet myself, but I assume the new artistic director will embrace this project and continue this relationship. The added value, for both companies, is enormous."