Tableau van diverse personen op het podium tegen een donkere achtergrond met projecties

Anima Obscura

In her first production for Scapino as artistic director, Nanine Linning explores the desire for immortality: from the occult practices of alchemists to experiments by biohackers.

The dancers are protagonists in the search for the one elixir that makes us invulnerable and enables us to escape our earthly limitations.

Anima Obscura is a sumptuous total artwork that fuses choreography, video performance, animation, holograms, costume design and live music. The digital technologies challenge the expressive possibilities of dance to create an innovative, sensual theatrical experience.

The performance will feature Johannes Brahms‘ Ein Deutsches Requiem, cut with Yannis Kyriakides’ Ein Schemen - a contemporary ‘re-composition’ for choir, harp and electronics. The music will be performed live by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Laurens Symphonic (choir) and live harp by Remy van Kesteren.

Season ‘24/’25 Anima Obscura will be performed exclusively at Nieuwe Luxor Theatre as part of O. festival for Opera. Music. Theatre.


Concept, director and choreography
Nanine Linning

Video scenography
Claudia Rohrmoser

Johannes Brahms „Ein Deutsches Requiem”, Yannis Kyriakides „Ein Schemen”, performed live by Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (led by Guiseppe Mengoli), Laurens Symphonic and Remy van Kesteren

Costume design
Irina Shaposhnikova

Light design
Thomas C. Hase

Stage design
Nanine Linning, Christa Beland

Peggy Olislaegers, Janett Metzger

Choreographic assistance
Kyle Patrick, Sarah Deltenre

Music advice
Tido Visser

Jappe Groenendijk

Drie personen als toren op elkaar in wijde witte jurken

Nanine Linning

Blonde vrouw met golvend jaar, helderblauwe ogen en roodgestifte lippen met een glimlach. Ze staat tegen een grijsblauwe achtergrond.

Nanine Linning has gained international recognition over the past twenty years with her large multidisciplinary productions that combine dance and opera, design, fashion and visual art.

With her strong visual language and explosive dance, she reaches a wide audience, which also follows her faithfully in the Netherlands. Performances such as Bacon, Requiem and Zero have received international acclaim. Nanine Linning works closely with various internationally renowned artists such as Teodor Currentzis, Alexandros Tsolakis, Yuima Nakazato, Alexey Retinsky and Studio Drift. Her collaborations with Iris van Herpen and Bart Hess led to exhibitions in several museums.

Zes personen met blote lichamen met armen en benen tegen een muur het het lichaam naar voren getrokken

The music of Anima Obscura

Brahms' requiem is not a death mass accompanying the deceased on their way to the afterlife, but music that offers comfort to the bereaved. Music for the living, then, with great melodic richness and emotional intensity. Yannis Kyriakides calls his recomposition ‘a dreamscape with fragments of Brahms appearing and disappearing in a disorderly manner’.

In the performance, Brahms‘ music represents earthly life; Kyriakides’ electronic sound world is like an echo that provides access to another time dimension and parallel reality on stage - this music allows the use of flashbacks and flashforwards accompanied by a different dance language.

Live performance by

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is distinguished by the intense energy of its concerts and innovative audience approach. Founded in 1918, it has carved out its very own place among Europe's leading symphony orchestras.

The RPhO is supported by the young symphonic choir Laurens Symphonic and harpist Remy van Kesteren.

Sierlijke vrouw met op de achtergrond een harpist
Vrouw in lange witte jurk die ver achterover buigt