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What started as an occasional performance during a liberation party in 1945, led to the foundation of Scapino Ballet.


After five years of war, there is peace again in the Netherlands. What the country needs is proactive and courageous people with initiative to get society up and running again. A wonderful example of someone who is proactive, decisive and empathic is ballet teacher Hans Snoek. She is one of the founders of Scapino Ballet in 1946. Her dance company helps children to escape from a world full of fear. They can start believing in a new reality without war.

Hans Snoek (photo Jac. de Nijs / Anefo - Nationaal Archief)

Hans Snoek


Nicolaas Wijnberg



Scapino’s debut

After the war, twelve dancers are putting on their pointe shoes again. Led by the colourful Hans Snoek, they perform for pupils of the Dongeschool in Amsterdam. The dancers decide to set up a dance company when they receive so much praise for their work. This dance company is called Scapino and is aimed at children. Its first performance is held in the Royal Theatre of Carré in Amsterdam with a series of free morning shows sponsored by Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

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The Paper Shortage Ballet

After the war, there is a major shortage of paper. A fundraiser in which children pick up used paper, becomes the source of inspiration for Scapino’s new show: The Paper Shortage Ballet (Het Papierennoodballet). The children who collected a lot of papier in the fundraiser are invited to see the show for free.

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Hans van Norden


Abraham van der Vies



The first steps abroad

In the summer of 1947, Scapino performs abroad for the first time. The fairytale-like performance The Pasha and the Bear (De Pasja and de Beer) is on stage at an international children’s festival in Prague. It will be put on stage again many times from then on.

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The Cricket and the Ant (De Krekel en the Mier) | choreography Hans Snoek (photographer unkown)

Royal visit

During the season of 1948/1949 Scapino plays two performances: The Cricket and the Ant (De Krekel en the Mier) and The journey of Jan Klaasen (Jan Klaassen op Reis). Thousands of children come to admire these fairytales. The Dutch Queen Juliana visits the show with her daughters, the three princesses Beatrix, Irene and Margriet.

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Lex van Delden



Scapino knows how to enchant children – with fairytale-like dance performances full of colourful costumes and dazzling decors. Well-known visual artists from different disciplines join the ballet company. Slowly but surely, the imaginary and story-telling nature of the performances becomes more abstract and more personal. This way of modernising dance performances is important for the future of Scapino.


5 years of Scapino!

Scapino celebrates its fifth anniversary. The ballet company is very successful, which means: 100,000 children enjoyed the performances, loved the fairytales and were introduced to ballet in this way. Less successful is the fact that the dancers barely made an income from their work. They are driven by idealism: making beautiful shows for young people.

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Scapino on television

At the end of the 1940s the phenomenon of television is introduced in the Netherlands. Philips starts with the first experimental television broadcasts. In 1950 a dance show by Scapino is to be admired on television for the first time. During the recordings, Hans Snoek meets her future husband Erik de Vries, who is one of the pioneers at Philips.

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Once upon a time...

The show Once upon a time…(Er was eens…) premiers in the former City Theater in Amsterdam with Alex Faassen jr. as the iconic Scapino character. No less than 1,700 children join the show. The author of this ballet fairytale is Hans Snoek and the choreographer is Albert Mol.

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Jan Rebel



The Princess and the Pea

The performance The Princess and the Pea (Prinses op de Erwt) is put on stage. Dutch poet Bert Voeten writes the script. Jan Rebel takes care of the choreography. The decors are made by Hermanus Berserik. The dance performance is based on a small story, but it is met with major interest. It attracts big crowds – also at the Lincoln Centre in the US.  

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On 1 February 1954 there is a fire in the former warehouse and depot of the Weesperpoort railway station in Amsterdam, Scapino’s rehearsal room. Decors, costumes and props of 32 ballet shows go up in flames. Scapino also looses its space for rehearsals and teaching ballet classes. The insurance does not fully cover the damages, which threathens to be the end of Scapino.

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Scapino is rescued!

Schoolchildren start collecting money for Scapino which is heavily damaged by the fire. Together with the revenues from a lottery and the support from the municipality of Amsterdam and the Dutch government Scapino survives the financial catastrophe. We use the money to give two of our most famous ballets a new look.

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Poster for the special anniversary performance | illustration Dick Elffers (detail)

10 years of Scapino!

Reason to celebrate: Scapino’s tenth anniversary! An anniversary show is performed in Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. Well-known Dutch children’s writer Annie M.G. Schmidt creates a song for this special occasion.

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Rehearsal with Hans van Manen (photographer unkown)

Hans van Maanen creates Swing

The famous Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen (1932) created various ballets for Scapino. One of his first works is Swing, which is part of the performance Danced Portaits (Gedanste Portretten) combining the work of six choreographers.

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The Miraculous Flute (De Wonderfluit) written by Henk Dragstra | choreography Jan Rebel and Hans Snoek (photo Hans van den Busken)

Story contest

Participation of the audience avant la lettre: Scapino asks children to come up with a story for a dance performance. Many children are excited to take part. Henk Dragstra wins with his fairytale The Miraculous Flute (De Wonderfluit), to which Hans Snoek and Jan Rebel create the choreography.

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Ine Rietstap



Alice in Wonderland

The production of Alice in Wonderland premiers in this season. The audience is deeply impressed by the choreography of the English dancer Richard Glasstone as well as the stage design and styling by Ronald Wilson and Ruth Hellmer.

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The Scapino Dance Academy

The Scapino Dance Acadamy opens its doors. Pupils take regular school subjects here and at the same time they are trained to become professional dancers. This is unique in the Netherlands. In the first few years, the Scapino Dance Academy is located in the attic of the Shelter for Workers (accommodation for unmarried workors) on Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. Scapino dancer Karel Poons is in charge of the day-to-day management of the Academy. Scapino Dance Academy merges with the National Ballet Academy in 1988.

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'I like to be in America'

It’s an era of freedom – in the widest sense of the word. Modern dance is on the rise and the spirit of that time is revolutionary; breaking with traditions from the past. Major musicals on Broadway are turned into films. Jazz dance and jazz music are welcomed with open arms. Scapino is also inspired by all of this. America doesn’t only come to Scapino, but Scapino also goes to America: to perform in the White House. The world meets Scapino Ballet!  


15 years of Scapino!

Scapino celebrates its fifteenth anniversary! Since it was founded, Scapino has performed thousands of dance shows for as many as three million children. Reason to celebrate! Jan Rebel creates the anniversary performance: John’s first day of school (Jantjes eerste schooldag).

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Challenges and Obstacles

The musical film Westside Story is shown in cinemas around the world and it is a real success. The film also influences the world of ballet: jazz dance becomes popular. Scapino is inspired – resulting in the ballet Challenges and Obstacles (Haken en Ogen) by choreographer Greetje Donkers.

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Scapino opens the Children’s Book Week

On 5 November 1962 the seventh Children’s Book Week starts. Scapino has the honour of performing at the opening in a full Theater Carré in Amsterdam. Pinokkio by choreographer Albert Mol is performed with music by Cor Lemaire for an audience of enthousiastic children.

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Scapino in The White House

A special performance is planned during the US tour at the end of 1963. Namely, in the ballroom of The White House in Washington. However, the performance is cancelled because President Kennedy is murdered. On the special request of the new first lady Lady Bird Johnson (wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, vice president of the US) Scapino extends the tour to still be able to perform at The White House.

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The Golden Key

At the end of November, Scapino has two premieres: The Little Girl with the Matchsticks (Het meisje met de zwavelstokjes) and The Golden Key (De Gouden Sleutel). These two ballets by choreographers Richard Glasstone and Jan Rebel are commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Arts and Sciences.

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20 years of Scapino!

On 7 October 1965 Scapino celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The by now classic Scapino fairytale The Pasha and the Bear (De Pasja en de Beer) is performed in Amsterdam’s City Theater. Scapino looks back on twenty eventful years in which a lot has been achieved. Despite all kinds of setbacks Scapino continuous to grow and flourish.

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Van den Busken creates Street Games

Dance photographer and film director Hans van den Busken creates the dance film Street Games (Straatspelletjes). This is based on the choreography by Walter Gore made in 1965 for a Scapino Ballet performance. To improve his skills in capturing dance on camera, Van den Busken even takes ballet lessons at Scapino for a while.

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Scapino at school

While Hans Snoek is Creative Director, Scapino focusses mainly on children as their audience. Scapino performs in theaters, but also at schools. By giving dance demonstrations in schools, they give even more children a taste of ballet dancing.

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A detective story

Dutch children’s book author An Rutgers van der Loeff writes a true detective story about ballet for the Children’s Book Week of 1968.  Scapino plays a major role in the book The hour of the Scapinese (Het uur van de Scapinezen): an untrue story with a lot of truth in it.

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Dancing at the Zoo

In June 1969 Scapino dances at a very special location, namely in the Amsterdam Zoo Artis. People, animals and dancing (Mensen, dieren en dansen) is performed. One ticket costs 50 cents. The Amsterdam Police Band starts off this series of ballet performances with a march.

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Passing on the baton

Having been the Artistic Director for 25 years, Hans Snoek is leaving Scapino Ballet. She is succeeded by the Argentinian Armando Navarro. Scapino ballet becomes more classical and the quality of dance increases under his guidance. He attracts well-known and unknown choreographers who work with the ballet dancers at Scapino. He gives young choreographers a chance to gain experience. And he lets experienced choreographers challenge his dancers so they can develop their skills, talent and explore their physical boundaries.


25 years of Scapino!

Scapino celebrates its 25th anniversary in RAI Amsterdam, with performances Shreds (Snippers) by Hans van Manen and An ear for an ear (Oor om Oor) by Armando Navarro. This anniversary is extra special because Hans Snoek is saying goodbye to Scapino. Armando Navarro succeeds her as Artistic Director. This is a major change for Scapino. From now on performances are not only made for young people, but for an audience of all ages.

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Armando Navarro at a Scapino school presentation (photographer unkown)

Armando Navarro

Artistic Director

Aart Verstegen

Artistic Director


New artistic director: Armando Navarro

The new artistic director Armando Navarro kicks off the season with Coppelia, a show that has been danced by Scapino in the past. With this adjustment Navarro shows his talent to transform classic fairytales into more accessible ballet for children. Coppelia will be put on stage again at many occasions in the future.

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In 1972 Scapino moves from the Hortusplantsoen to a new location at the Luchtvaartstraat in Amsterdam. Scapino simply cannot wait with the rehearsals until the constructions are done – the dance company does not want to take a break. The festive opening is on 8 September, coinciding with the first night of Bach Brandenburg Drie by the American dancer and choreographer Charles Czarny.

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A Sunny Day (Zonnige Dag) | choreography Charles Czarny (photo Jorge Fatauros)

A Sunny Day by Charles Czarny

On 16 September 1973 A Sunny Day (Zonnige Dag) premiers. It is directed by the American dancer and choreographer Charles Czarny. Joop Stokvis designs the refined costumes. Dutch newspaper Het Parool writes about the performance: ‘At the end of the show, there were well-deserved standing ovations, bravo’s and flowers for Scapino Ballet and for the maker of Sunny Day (Zonnige Dag) Charles Czarny.’

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Half a symphony

Scapino opens the season with Half a symphony (Halve symphonie), a new choreography by Armando Navarro. Former Scapino dancer Ine Rietstap writes about it in Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad and she describes the performance as ‘a great addition for Scapino’. In 1985 Half a symphony is part of the anniversary program danced in the City Theater Amsterdam for Dutch Queen Beatrix.

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30 years of Scapino!

Scapino celebrates its 30th anniversary with The Nutcracker (De Notenkraker). This is a bold decision because this classical dance has never been performed in its entirety in the Netherlands. It’s a great success: Scapino will perform this show for the next 15 years as its Christmas ballet.

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Scapino starts the new theater season with Carambole by Jose Gutierrez, performed by Scapino 10. Scapino 10 is a group of ten young dancers who visit schools, teach dance classes and give demonstrations – a way of introducing ballet dance to many children.

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Opportunities for young makers

Scapino has a nose for remarkably talented young makers. They are often given the opportunity to create a ballet for the large theatre hall. One of these young talents is Hans Teurlings who makes his first performance for Scapino in 1997: Masquerade.

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A new Christmas ballet: Cinderella

Navarro’s The Nutcracker (De Notenkraker) has given Scapino a taste for more. So Navarro creates another dance show for the Christmas holidays: Cinderella (Assepoester). Wim Bijmoer, a well-known designer of decors and sets for popular television series such as Ja Zuster - Nee Zuster, Stille Kracht and Tijl Uilenspiegel, creates the impressive décor. The American dancer Janet Popeleski, who danced the part of the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker gets to dance the main part.

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Joy of the Street Organ

With the arrival of ballet master Nils Christe, the work of Scapino becomes more modern. Christe’s first performance at Scapino is The Joy of the Street Organ (Pretpierement): it’s a cheerful ballet with organ music and Tom Schenk designs the stage set. In the future, Christe will be the successor of Creative Director Armando Navarro.

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Modern dance is becoming more popular

Modern ballet is now an established part of the world of dance in the Netherlands. During this time, many new choreographers appear on stage in the case of Scapino.  There is a multitude of styles in terms of design, music and choreography. Time and time again, the ballet dancers are challenged to adjust to the new demands of choreographers.  


35 years of Scapino!

A great party at the City Theatre in Amsterdam! Scapino celebrates its 30th anniversary with Armando Navarro’s Clowns. Both the decors and the costumes are designed by Wim Bijmoer. Even though the critics say that this performance is ‘more theater than dance’, Clowns receives a lot of praise.

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Armando Navarro creates the dance performance Humoresque. Dancers of the ‘large’ Scapino dance company perform together with Scapino 10, a group of 10 young dancers who mainly focus on ballet for school pupils. Each group of dancers has its own repertoire within this show.  

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When it runs out, it runs out (Op is op) | choreography Nils Christe (photo Jorge Fatauros)

Saving energy

Commissioned by the Dutch Foundation for Saving Energy (Voorlichting Energiebesparing) Nils Christe creates a performance about saving energy: When it runs out, it runs out (Op is op). Christe really doesn’t make it easy for himself in this ballet.

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Sweetphony (Snoepfonie) is a ballet by Christe about sweets. Tom Schenk creates the striking costumes: the upper body of various dancers is covered in sweet wrappers, such as a roll of peppermints, and they mainly dance with their legs only.

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Piccolo Mondo | choreography Jiří Kylián (photo Jorge Fatauros)

40 years of Scapino!

To mark our 40th anniversary, there is a wonderful gala at the City Theater Amsterdam on 15 November 1985. Dutch Queen Beatrix is the guest of honour and together with the other members in the audience she really enjoys the work by Armando Navarro, Jiří Kylián, Rudi van Dantzig and Toer van Schayk.

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Nils Christe (photographer unkown)

Nils Christe

Artistic Director



Nils Christe becomes co-Artistic Director at Scapino Ballet. This season he is the choreographer of Pulcinella who is also a figure of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte theatre tradition just like ‘Scapino’. This ballet was performed by Scapino in the past, but directed by Fernand Daudey.

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De Rotterdamse Schouwburg (photo Rob Bogaerts - Anefo)

Planning to relocate to Rotterdam

After lots of hesitation, Scapino decides to move to Rotterdam. It takes a few years before the actual move takes place, but from 1988 Scapino is the official dance company of Theater Rotterdam (formerly known as Rotterdamse Schouwburg).

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Ed Wubbe’s first work for Scapino

After Bagatellen in 1987, the second dance performance by dance rand choreographer Ed Wubbe premiers: Blue Tattoo. ‘I still want to learn a great deal,’ says Ed Wubbe at a conference about choreography in Lisbon, Portugal. ‘Trying many different things and then perhaps I will truly find my own style in the future.’  With Blue Tattoo he also tries something new, by creating his first ballet for dancers on pointe.

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Scapino at school (photographer unkown)

A new direction

Armando Navarro leaves Scapino and the dance company changes its course of direction. The dance is becoming increasingly modern and education is organized differently within Scapino. The ballet classes and demonstrations are no longer organized at schools. However, the department of education remains active within Scapino Ballet.

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Everything changes

Scapino moves from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Aiming to become an important player in this international port city, Scapino is looking for a new audience. Not only young people, but everyone is invited to meet the brand new dance company in Rotterdam. Choreographer Ed Wubbe becomes the Artistic Director and conquers the world of ballet with his expressive and thematic performances. He works closely together with dancers and gives them the opportunity to show their artistic side.

Rameau | choreography Ed Wubbe (photo Hans Gerritsen)

Rameau, Ed Wubbe’s first ballet

Rameau is Ed Wubbe’s official first ballet now that he has been appointed as house choreographer at Scapino. Wubbe shows what he has in mind for Scapino. He creates a contemporary dance performance full of energy with its baroque music and the theme of the French Revolution.

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Financial setbacks for Scapino

Over the years, Scapino is facing many financial setbacks. This season, major financial problems come to light again. The dance company needs to be restructured. Creative Director Nils Christe leaves Scapino this season.

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Moving to Rotterdam!

The year 1992 is one of the milestones of Scapino. This is the year when the dance company moves from Amsterdam to Rotterdam after 50 years. Ed Wubbe is appointed as Creative Director. He changes the course of direction of Scapino. The brand new repertoire is contemporary and modern. Kathleen is the name of his first dance performance in his new role as Creative Director. This is a raw group performance and an urban, metropolitan statement that suits the city of Rotterdam. A new dancer joins Scapino: Bonnie Doets.

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Ed Wubbe rehearsing (photographer unkown)

Ed Wubbe

Artistic Director

For many years, Nederlandse Dagblad Unie, home to newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad, was located in this building.

New location

Scapino finally moves into the new studios in the NDU-building on Eendrachtsstraat in Rotterdam after a long search for the best possible place and after renovating and reconstructing the new location. On 5 September 1994 Scapino rehearses here for the first time. From this moment on we call ourselves Scapino Rotterdam. The addition ‘Ballet’ is left out for now.

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50 years of Scapino!

Scapino celebrates its 50th anniversary with the performance Romeo & Julia. Ed Wubbe turns the classic love story into a contemporary ballet. The revenue earned at the premiere and the tour is donated to UNICEF. Hans Snoek attends the opening night.

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Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin, a performance that premiered in 1992, reprises this season. Dutch national newspaper Trouw calls the black-and-white decor and costume designs ‘a kaleidoscopic pannatic’ and ‘a panorama that gives rise to various associations, from jungles to swirling seas’.

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Scapino works closely together with pop legend John Cale, known from the band The Velvet Underground. Music and poetry by Nico, the illustrious and destructive singer of The Velvet Underground, play a central role in the show that Ed Wubbe creates with John Cale. In March 1998 Located behaviours, shaped in attitude premiers. It is the first choreography by our new in-house choreographer Geord Reischl.

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Twenty dancers from Scapino Rotterdam and seven dancers from Dance company Krisztina de Châtel perform together in the show Epoxy, choreographed by De Châtel. Thom Willems composes the music especially for this performance.

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A new concept is started by Scapino Rotterdam: TWOOLS. Under this name, several short performances by young and talented choreographers are put on stage. These short performances are connected by Ed Wubbe’s divertissements. The second edition is the most spectacular: classically trained dancers are sharing the stage with 010Bboys breakdancers. A real first!

This is also Scapino’s first year at Lowlands music festival where it is the first dance and theater company to take part.

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The audience wants variety

Wubbe continues to make his appealing and expressive dance performances at a rapid pace. He always looks for the right balance between imagination and predictability in his work. He often shows us the dark, shadow side of human beings. He has a great eye for talent and he finds new and young choreographers. One of his major discoveries is Marco Goecke, a German choreographer who makes use of the human body in an unusual and almost uncomfortable way.


Nanine Linning joins Scapino

Aged 22, Nanine Linning is Scapino’s youngest in-house choreographer ever. Her first major performance is The Neon Lounge. After that she creates: SCUM, Lighthouse, Bubble Gum Wrapper and Endless Song of Silence. After 4 years, Nanine Linning leaves Scapino to continue her career in Germany with her own dance company.  

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Scapino x MVRDV

In 2001 Rotterdam is European Capital of Culture. Rotterdam Marketing invites Scapino to create a dance performance for this occasion. And so Manyfacts, life in the 3D city is created. It is an unconventional, joint project by dance company Scapino and MVRDV architects. Manyfacts is set in a city of the future which is shown on large screens. 

At the age of 90, this is also the year when Hans Snoek passes away.

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Four for Nothing

American choreographer Amanda Miller, well-known for her innnovative choreographies, creates Four for Nothing for Scapino. Scapino dancer Mischa van Leeuwen recites a 20-minute monologue. It wins an award, The Swan, for best production.

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Rotterdam is dancing

Six dance companies from Rotterdam join forces. Scapino and Conny Janssen Danst, Dance Works Rotterdam, Meekers Uitgesproken Dans, Rogie & Company and Dansatelier organise presentations called Rotterdam Danst (Rotterdam is dancing). The highlight of the year is DANSnacht (Dance night) featuring dozens of dance performances and dance workshops filling every corner of Theater Rotterdam (known as Rotterdamse Schouwburg at the time).

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Marco Goecke

In 2005 Der Rest ist Schweigen (The rest is silence) premiers. This first choreography of the new in-house choreographer Marco Goecke causes a thrill in the world of dance. His highly original style shows his near obsession with dance. Goecke’s star is already rising in the German world of ballet. At Scapino he also conquers the Netherlands and he makes his international breakthrough. During his 7 years at Scapino as in-house choreographer he creates 11 choreographies.

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Dancing on a lawn

In The Green, Ed Wubbe juxtaposes the magnificent greatness of Bach’s St John’s Passion with the small futility of mankind. Seven male dancers take on the challenge of dancing to this very intimidating music. They do so on a bright green lawn of 10 x 8 metres.

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Tous les jours, a tous point de vue, on va de mieux

Between 1977 and 1985, choreographer Hans Teurlings regularly creates performances for Scapino. Now he returns with a special show: Tous les jours, a tous point de vue, on va de mieux. Teurlings does not only challenge the dancers technically, but he also appeals to their theatrical appearance and their readiness to be themselves.

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The Nutcracker by Marco Goecke

In-house choreographer Marco Goecke presents his version of the Scapino classic The Nutcracker (De Notenkraker). Emphasizing the dark aspects of this story, he calles it a ‘ballet noir’. The decor is completely black, decorated with thousands of black walnuts.


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Ed Wubbe puts together an evening full of dance: three choreographies that are closely connected by the Holland theme. For the title piece Wubbe returns to the Golden Age, where the Dutch identity originated.

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A melting pot of dance styles

There is more and more attention for dance thanks to popular dance programmes on television. Scapino grows and hires more dancers from different backgrounds. Scapino becomes a melting pot of street dance, hip hop, classical ballet and other styles. There is also room for elements of circus, variety shows, opera and live music in the dance performances. Scapino starts to make an effort for audiences who do not naturally come into contact with dance, such as the blind and partially sighted in close cooperation with Foundation Komt het Zien (Come and See).


Songs for Drella

Scapino’s in-house choreographers Ed Wubbe and Marco Goecke are co-producing Songs for Drella. Their source of inspiration is the album by Lou Reed and John Cale from 1989 – which is an ode to their deceased friend: the world famous visual artist Andy Warhol.

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Another financial setback

The Dutch government announces severe cuts in the subsidies for the cultural sector. Scapino tries to survive by organising the option of becoming a member of Scapino for 10 euros per person. Thousands of fans of ballet and dance support Scapino this way so it continues to exist, but its income is greatly reduced.
Pearl by Ed Wubbe has its opening night. It is inspired by baroque. The music is by composers such as Vivaldi is performed live by Combattimento. The tour is sold out within two weeks, that’s how popular it is.

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Le Chat Noir

An ode to Paris with dance and music: Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat) by Ed Wubbe. He is inspired by the theater and cabaret café with the same name in Montmartre in 1900. It is a combination of different styles of music, dance and variety shows and Ed Wubbe stretches his creative boundaries towards theatrical performances.  

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Les Fêtes Vénitiennes

Invited by opera director Robert Carsen, choreographer Ed Wubbe works with 10 Scapino dancers during the entire month of January in Paris on ballet opera Les Fêtes Vénitiennes (The Venetian Party). After the opening night in Opéra Comique, this production goes on tour to Caen, Toulouse and New York.

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All eyes are aimed at our new in-house choreographer Itamar Serussi, who introduces himself to the audience with Henry. A season ago he created a shorter dance performance: Wolf, which received lots of praise. In Henry he once again shows his playful and energetic style of moving – with soundscapes by composer Richard van Kruysdijk.

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70 years of Scapino!

This anniversary is celebrated with an ambitious project: TING! It is a multidisciplinary and spectacular performance in which Ed Wubbe combines Scapino dancers with circus artists and the Dutch popular music band Nits in a magical fantasy world. It is to be the largest production of Scapino ever. TING! is performed in the derelict Ferro Dome in the docklands of the port of Rotterdam which is transformed into a theatre with a rotating dance floor, 1250 chairs, bars, a restaurant and exhibition centre. In 2018 TING! is put on the stage again in Carré Amsterdam and in the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

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Choreographer Ed Wubbe celebrates his 25th anniversary at Scapino with a baroque performance called Scala, the sequel to Pearl. Live music is performed by Combattimento. After the premier, Wubbe is presented with the royal award ‘Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw’. Throughout the entire Scala tour, Scapino asks for donations for the Princess Beatrix Spierfonds (Dutch charity dedicated to curing all neuromuscular diseases) and collects €25,000.

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All hands on deck

This unusual and highly surprising collaboration between Scapino en Släpstick (formerly known as Wëreldbänd) results in All hands on deck. It is a performance full of miraculous combinations of dance, humor, music and theater. One of the performances is co-produced with Foundation Komt het Zien! (Come and See!) for a blind and partially sighted audience.

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Double crisis

At the beginning of 2020 Covid hits the world. The Netherlands also goes into a lockdown. This means that a large number of performances in the spring of 2020 are cancelled. To make matters worse, Scapino nearly loses its position as BIS company (Basic Infrastructure for cultural organisations in the Netherlands). Thanks to our wonderful audience, many of whom sign the petition – and thanks to the support of theaters, the dance world and politics Scapino manages to keep the right to receive funding from the Dutch government.

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With this timeline, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam wants to paint a picture of its 75th anniversary. We do not have the ambition, nor the means to be complete. In the unlikely event that you discover an error or see a major omission, please contact us.

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Photography chapters: Hans van den Busken (1950s), Jorge Fatauros (1980s), Hans Gerritsen (1990s), Joris Jan Bos (1900s), Eric Fecken (1910s). The photographers of the other photos are unknown.

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