TWOOLS offers a colourful sample of contemporary dance by a range of choreographers. Ever since its first edition in 1999, TWOOLS has been an important stage for up-and-coming choreographers.

These young talents are given the opportunity and the challenge to work on a production with excellent dancers on a large stage. The previous 17 editions featured over 100 dances by more than 60 choreographers. TWOOLS acts as a springboard for their international career. 

Artistic director Ed Wubbe has invited six choreographers for this edition of TWOOLS. Every single one of these young, creative choreographers is socially engaged and expresses the zeitgeist in their work in a highly personal way.


Ryan Djojokarso, Joeri Dubbe, Marcos Morau, Maciej Kuzminski, Miquel G. Font en Ed Wubbe

o.a. Yo Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin, Beastie Boys, Steve Reich, Miquel G. Font, Jorg Schellekens, NITS

Light design
Xavier Spruit Bleeker, Pawel Murlik, Miquel G. Font, Pavla Beranova

Pamela Homoet, Petra Finke, Annemarije van Harten, La Veronal, Habemus Corpu


Joeri Alexander Dubbe developed his style at Korzo productions and created his first dance for Scapino in 2015 during the 17th edition of TWOOLS: the impressive Raven’s Home. With his narrative storytelling, he hopes to inspire people inviting them to reflect on society in general and their own way of life in particular.

 It has been quite a while since in-house choreographer Fang-Yu Shen has made a production for Scapino. Everything about her is special. Her style is influenced by Chinese folk dance, martial arts and Pina Bausch. Her themes are personal and highly imaginative.

Marcos Morau is a rising star in performing arts in Europe. Re-interpreting historic events, he provides us with a new perspective on reality. He had sold-out venues with his first full-length production for Scapino, Pablo, back in 2016. Shin A Lam (a reprise of a TWOOLS dance) refers to the female fencing athlete who dramatically lost at the London Olympics.

The work by Ryan Djojokarso is about social behaviour. Using the abstract nature of dance and the kingdom of animals as sources of inspiration, he shows human relationships that are familiar to us all. His dance for TWOOLS is the first production in a two-year project for new choreographers supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Maciej Kuzminski won the Scapino Production Award in Hannover, Germany in 2016. He has his own dance company in Poland. His dynamic work is politically and ideologically inspired. This new dance is about identity in a world that is becoming ever smaller and never stops.

Miquel G. Font, who is from Barcelona, is not only a choreographer but also a composer. In 2010 he started his own dance company Habemus Corpus Dance Company. His choreography for TWOOLS is about the relationship between two people, about the past and the future.