Under the motto "More dance does not fit in" Scapino Ballet Rotterdam presents TWOOLS17. In 75 minutes 22 dancers dance in 8 pieces by 7 choreographers.

No theme is set in advance for TWOOLS 17. Artistic director Ed Wubbe likes to put together a feast of dance at the end of each season, a varied performance full of momentum that will give fans and novice dance enthusiasts alike a wonderful evening in Rotterdam's Schouwburg. A mix of styles, in which experimentation is juxtaposed with entertainment.

TWOOLS 17 comprises premieres by Ed Wubbe, Itamar Serussi, Felix Landerer, Joeri Dubbe and Laurent Flament. And a rarity: two successful pieces from previous editions return. These are Vuurvogel, with which Marco Goecke presented himself a few years earlier as a maker with a completely individual, gripping dance idiom, and the rightly acclaimed Kha by Gentian Doda, which summarises the evolution of mankind in ten minutes.


Ed Wubbe, Laurent Flament, Joeri Dubbe, Itamar Serussi, Gentian Doda, Felix Landerer en Marco Goecke

NITS, Ludovico Einaudi, The Knife, Richard van Kruysdijk, Joaquin Segade, Sufjan Stevens, Igor Stravinsky

Pamela Homoet


Les Nuits is the opening piece, The Red Dog closes the evening. Ed Wubbe created them as a foretaste of TING!, the anniversary show with which Scapino, the oldest ballet company in the Netherlands, will celebrate its seventieth anniversary in the 2015-2016 season. That's the worst thing I could do is resident choreographer Itamar Serussi's second contribution to TWOOLS. NRC critic Francine van der Wiel calls the piece to music by Richard van Kruysdijk "abstract and ironic".

Felix Landerer will present Exquisit, a tightly and strictly regulated group work from which someone is released each time. The young Joeri Dubbe, winner of the Scapino Production Prize, puts the dancers in Raven's Home on the floor like abstract crows. The Brussels 'dance mixer' Laurent Flament is choreographer for the television hit So You Think You Can Dance. His Experience, in which two men compete for the love of a woman, features former SYTYCD winner Danny Boom as a guest dancer.

For those who still had their fill of dance, there was dessert. An unannounced early work by house choreographer Marco Goecke really rounded off the evening: Ring Them Bells.