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TWOOLS is celebrating its fifteenth edition - its third lustrum - with, according to the flyer, "a kaleidoscopic dance-saw evening in which dancers, technicians and spectators have to switch gears quickly.

True to the concept, Ed Wubbe will also open and close this edition, with as special opening an adaptation of Nico, the ode to the enigmatic and self-destructive singer that he made in collaboration with John Cale in the 1997-1998 season. It will be danced by students of Codarts, the Rotterdam dance academy.

TWOOLS15 has a structure of dark and light. Vulnerability is the hallmark of Countless in reversing gear by Fang-Yu Shen. Min Li's I Mean also revolves around a precarious factor: balance and self-confidence. And in Mischa van Leeuwen's Human Machinery, we follow the learning process of a machine embodied by the dancers. Gentian Doda's impressively constructed group work Kha, according to Theaterkrant, stands head and shoulders above everything else "in terms of the individuality of the movement language, the consistency of the content and the degree of expressiveness" (Boukje Cnossen).

TWOOLS15 also gives ample scope to the nightclub vibe, evoked by former Capino dancer Jan Kooijman. He will take care of no less than three titles on the programme. In this trilogy, Kooijman and his partner Henna Lee make a one-off comeback as Scapino dancers. They dance under a disco ball to the music of Don Diablo and give the evening an unmistakable show element. And so TWOOLS15 works towards the ironic jazz hands in Wubbe's humorous Nagasaki.


Ed Wubbe

Fang-Yu Shen, Gentian Doda, Mischa van Leeuwen, Min Li, Ed Wubbe

Max Richter, Don Diablo, Billie Holliday, John Cale, Johann Johansson, Joaquim Segade, Andrey Kiritchenko

Pamela Homoet, Petra Finke


One last time

Especially for TWOOLS 15, Jan Kooijman & Henna Lee return to the dance stage. The ex-Scapino dancers will create and dance a number of duets together to special music by the world-famous DJ Don Diablo. This includes the emotional duet The Artist Inside, which was performed during the 'Stand up against Cancer' gala.

Jan Kooijman stopped dancing with Scapino in 2008 to start a successful acting and television career. In the previous edition of TWOOLS, he made a surprising debut as a choreographer. His girlfriend Henna Lee danced at Scapino for ten years and still gives workshops here.

"We are looking forward to a renewed collaboration with Scapino. It is a place where we both had many wonderful moments as dancers. We feel honoured to be able to make a number of short choreographies now."



Fang-Yu Shen - the new resident choreographer makes her Scapino debut. She combines light-hearted melancholy and mercurial agility with the precision and dexterity of traditional Chinese dance.

Gentian Doda - Promising new talent. Made several dance pieces for the well-known Spanish Compania Nazional de Danza and the New York Choreographic Institute. He won competitions in Copenhagen and Hannover and the Scapino production award.

Mischa van Leeuwen - Knows how to use his qualities as a dancer at Scapino also as a choreographer. Made several pieces for the workshops and reached the finals of the solo dance festival in Stuttgart. Last year he made his choreographic debut in TWOOLS.

Min Li - Dancer and TWOOLS choreographer at Scapino. Surprised in two previous TWOOLS episodes with absurdist and hilarious dance pieces.

Ed Wubbe - Directs TWOOLS and choreographs the performance with surprising divertissements. And, in front of the TWOOLS audience, students of the Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts can dance to the spotlight in a piece from Wubbe's successful production 'Nico'.