Danser op een rode achtergrond met geverfde letter X. Hij draagt een zwarte glimmende top en strekt zijn armen uit richting de camera.

The Square2

With a subtle hint to Dante's La Divina Commedia, the four creators of The Square 2 translate the journey from the inferno to paradise to the here and now and the personal challenges of the corona era. Propelled by live music with elements from dance and ambient, the dancers go in search of inner renewed strength and insight.

The stage as a meeting place: that is the starting point of The Square. A new series of full-length performances by up-and-coming talent in which artistic collaboration plays a central role.

In this second edition, an international company of young dance makers goes on an adventure with Dutch musician and producer Richard van Kruysdijk. The choreographers each bring their own style and background and together they create an energetic performance that surprises and disrupts.


Learn all about The Square 2 in our new podcast series.

Content creator Iris talks to the creator of the concept The Square:
Ed Wubbe, interviews composer Richard van Kruysdijk about the music and visuals and the choreographers talk about their creation process and inspiration.

After a short introduction in Dutch, all podcasts are in English. Except for the podcast with artistic director Ed Wubbe, which is in Dutch.


Artistic direction
Ed Wubbe

Mario Bermúdez Gil, Antonin Comestaz, Ryan Djojokarso

Composition, live music, video projections
Richard van Kruysdijk

Stage design
Bart van Geldrop, Richard van Kruysdijk

Light design
Xavier Spruit Bleeker

Costume design
Petra Finke