Een familie is te zien op een bruine bank voor een blauwe achtergrond. De familie kijkt in de camera. Naast de familie staat een dame met grote pruik, zonnebril, oranje hakken, lichtblauw mantelpak en een roze huid.

Pinocchio Effect

A family performance for everyone between the ages of 10 to 110 full of humor and seriousness about something we all do: lie. Why do we actually lie, and about what? Pinocchio Effect is an exciting collaboration between theatre maker Cecilia Moisio, Maas theater en dans, and Scapino. Both parents and children lie to each other, but often we also lie to ourselves. Most of the times these are white lies, but sometimes deceitful ones. And while some lie without reservation, others are left feeling guilty. Even online we often pretend to be different than we are. Where does this urge to lie come from anyway?

With dance that cannot tell lies, theatre, live video and blunt performances, Pinocchio Effect is a performance that tackles serious subjects in a humorous way. The dancers all live together as one family in a house full of secret rooms. The family members try to manipulate each other or escape reality. Slowly their lies and truths come to light and reveal their true nature. Brace yourself for absolute worst show in the world!

Uitgedoste personen op een huiskamerfeestje, waarvan een met gitaar en een aantal met microfoon


Concept, choreography, director
Cecilia Moisio

Alice Pieri, Dalma Doman, Daphne van Dooren, Gwen Langenberg, Katarzyna Sitarz, Lennart Huysentruyt, Mats Winkelman, Savea Kagan, Serano Pinas, Yulia Kalinchenko

Eva Maria de Wit

Joni Vanhanen

Petra Finke

Marlies Schot

Light design
Mark Thewessen

Merit Vessies

Special thanks to
Blockbuster Fonds Xtra, Droom en Daad, Fonds 21 EXTRA en Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds

Kleurrijke foto van een vrouw in een grote jurk met pruik en sjaaltje over haar hoofd


Pinocchio effect = When we lie, the tissue in our nose swells causing it to itch. You can often catch people when they quickly touch their nose after a lie.

Cecilia Moisio about Pinocchio Effect:
“With Pinocchio Effect I want to show that even though we think we don’t lie, it’s actually human behavior that everybody shows. I want to discuss the effects of lying. For example, how lies of parents can have a big impact on the social-emotional development of children. I also want to discuss the moral question: what is a good lie and what is a bad one? Why shouldn’t we lie? Is there something like ‘lying too much’, as when your whole identity is made up? Social media influencers earn money with the perfect image; everything looks polished. But can a lie also be something positive, something beautiful?”

Een doorgesneden huis waarvan we diverse kamers zien waarin zich verschillende scenes afspelen