Portret van Cecilia Moisio gekleed in blauwe jurk en handen in haar zij.

Cecilia Moisio

Originally from Finland, Cecilia Moisio (b. 1978) is a performer and choreographer and will be part of the artistic core of Maas theater and dance from 2021.

Cecilia won the prize of the Dutch Dance Days Young Audiences in 2019. In 2014, she won the Nederlandse Dansdagen award. She was also previously nominated for this award in 2013 and for the BNG Toneelprijs in 2011. In 2007 and 2008 she was nominated for the VSCD dance award- 'the swan'. Cecilia danced for many years with Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel and then with Ward/waRD - Ann Van den Broek.

Cecilia is inspired by the psychology of man, the unconscious patterns of behavior created by societal norms and expectations imposed on man. She calls herself a "Psychological Activist" and is always looking for the truth behind our motives, emotions and behavior. She wants to confront her audience with unspoken taboos. In her performances, she shows how carefully constructed social facades are slowly dissected and exposed. Cecilia's reality consists of drives and desires that reveal man's despair and beauty in all its simplicity.

Her work is multidisciplinary: between theater, dance and performance. Typical of Cecilia's performances is the dynamic character with raw emotion on the one hand and tight, controlled choreography on the other. Her style is unpolished, disturbing but also humorous and makes high demands on the ability of the performers. She combines her strong visual style in set, video and costumes with self-written lyrics and layered sound composition to pierce deep into her audience's unconscious.

Her now 27 performances have been shown in more than 15 countries worldwide. Recently, her dance film SHE/HER has won awards at Chicago Feminist Film Festival, Dance Film Festival Budapest and Stories We Dance Festival in Genoa, Italy. Since 2016, she has been producing her own work under Cecilia Moisio Foundation.

In season 18/19, Cecilia created the performance Victory with Maas theater and dance, which was nominated for the 2019 Dutch Dance Days Young Audience Award.

Curriculum Vitae

1978, Jyväskylä (Finland)

Theaterschool Amsterdam

Created for
Danstheater AYA
Toneelgroep Oostpool, Tanzmainz (Duitsland)
Rozbark Theatre (Polen)
Stichting Cecilia Moisio
Maas theater en dans
NNT/Club Guy & Roni

Nominations and awards
- Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Jong Publiek - 2019
- Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen - 2014
- Nomination Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen - 2013
- Nomination BNG Toneelprijs voor Hi! My Name Is…- 2011
- Nomination Swan best dance achievement for Co(te)lette by WArd/waRD - 2008
- Nomination Swan best dance achievement - 2007

Danced for
Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel
Ward/waRD – Ann Van den Broek