Vrouw in een zwart korset met blote armen en een grote gouden tooi op het hoofd in de vorm van de manen van een paard. Zij heeft haar armen sierlijk geheven alsof zij loopt. De achtergrond is goud met een geverfde cirkel.


Royal Theater Carré and Scapino Ballet present: Oscar, a tribute to Oscar Carré, with dance, theatre, circus and live music by Blaudzun. Choreographer Ed Wubbe is inspired by Oscar's visionary look in combination with his colorful and dramatic life.

Blaudzun's cinematic, emotional songs form the ideal score for the Netherlands' oldest dance company, which gave its very first theater performances at Carré in 1946. Royal Theater Carré is celebrating its 135th anniversary with Oscar.

Oscar is played in the round. Performances in this famous arena are often experienced as magical by artists and audiences. In this arena, Oscar Carré triumphed with his circus and horse shows.

Oscar will be a performance in the spirit of Carré, where traditionally all theater genres have been on display. With the entire ensemble of Scapino dancers, eight circus artists, Blaudzun and his six-piece band, many disciplines melt together.

Previously, Scapino performed TING! at the arena of Carré, which sold out nine times.



Ed Wubbe


Scapino ensemble

Circus | Codarts Circus Arts
Arvi Yrjölä (acro dancer), Natalia Koskela (partner acrobate), Lucas Chacón (partner acrobate), Joe Baker (rope), Malte Gerhardt (globe / handstand acrobate), Benedikt Löffler (globe acrobate), Luise Hoffmann (trapeze), Fidel Rott (object manipulation)

Costume design
Pamela Homoet

Light design
Xavier Spruit Bleeker

Oscar tableau