Vrouw in een zwart korset met blote armen en een grote gouden tooi op het hoofd in de vorm van de manen van een paard. Zij heeft haar armen sierlijk geheven alsof zij loopt. De achtergrond is goud met een geverfde cirkel.

Success show Oscar returns in 2024

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Blaudzun and Codarts Circus will take to the theatre again in 2024 with the successful production Oscar. From 31 August to the end of September, the show with music, dance and circus acts will be seen again at Royal Theatre Carré and for the first time also at the New Luxor in Rotterdam.

Scapino commissioned the show from Carré last year because of the theatre's 135th anniversary. All eighteen performances were sold out. With this new series, choreographer and artistic director Ed Wubbe bids farewell to Scapino after 30 years.

With dance, theatre, circus and live music by Blaudzun, Oscar pays homage to Oscar Carré, the founder of the theatre on the Amstel. His visionary outlook combined with his colourful and dramatic life are a source of inspiration for choreographer Ed Wubbe. Oscar was created in the spirit of Royal Theatre Carré, which has traditionally featured all theatre genres, from revue and musical to concerts and cabaret. With the full Scapino dance ensemble, eight circus artists, Blaudzun and his five-piece band, many disciplines melt together. In Carré, the show will be performed in the familiar arena setting.

My dream of creating a concert, dance and circus performance as an ode to Oscar Carré became a reality with this. Blaudzun's music was very inspiring and has become an inseparable part of the performance. And what a celebration to re-release Oscar now and thus conclude 30 years of Scapino."

Ed Wubbe

Blaudzun is a singer, producer and songwriter who has made his mark on the Dutch pop landscape over the past decade with his cinematically arranged, emotionally sung songs. Blaudzun: "In the show, dancers, circus artists and the music and band members melt together. Every day I am still reminded by visitors of the impact the show had on them. And honestly, the whole thing impressed the makers as much as the audience. What a wonderful prospect to play Oscar one more time in 2024"