Een man een vrouw kijken naar beneden met hun hand geflext
Roberto Doveri & Emma Zani

YoY Performing Arts

YoY is a dance collective founded in 2021, consisting of Emma Zani and Roberto Doveri (dancers and choreographers) and Timoteo Carbone (composer). A project that combines dance, music and contemporary art, considering performative art as a contamination of expression forms.

YoY defines itself as a cultural organism with a common goal: to share ideas. The first creation of YoY Meraki was developed in 2021 and was presented in various festivals in Italy, such as Meccaniche della Meraviglia contemporary art festival (Brescia), FaceOff festival (Grosseto) and Effetto48 Festival (Perugia).

In 2022 YoY developed Sounds in an Abandoned Space III, a project conceived by Timoteo Carbone, that was presented at Festival Fabbrica Europa (Florence) and at the Festival Nutida (Scandicci).
In the same year the collective worked on Fiori Assenti, presented at the Fuori Formato Festival (Genoa), Nutida Festival and the RAAA Festival (Brescia). The work was selected among the winning artists for "Danza Urbana" Network Anticorpi XL and among the four winning projects of Anghiari Dance Hub 2022 in which YoY presented at Teatro Comunale of Anghiari a new creation INESORABILMENTEUNAVIA.

Moreover in 2022 YoY received a commission for the creation of original music and choreography for documentary film 'LVMH/Masoni'. Furthermore, the collective was selected to participate in a cultural program organised by the Royal Palace of Caserta, where it was presented, for the first time, Dialogues with Art.

In 2023 YoY was selected among the winning artist for Crossing the Sea and was awarded the 'Vettori prize', winning a residency and a presentation at the Teatro Stabile La Contrada (Trieste).

In the same year INESORABILMENTEUNAVIA was performed in various festivals and was awarded the 'Studio Round' call of TanzNetzDresden (Dresden). YoY was also selected among the winning artists for 'Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore eXtra' Network Anticorpi XL and is one of the finalists for the XIV Edition of Prospettiva Danza Teatro International Price (Padua).

Curriculum Vitae



Timoteo Carbone
Roberto Doveri
Emma Zani

Residencies, nominations and awards
- Winner of the XIV Edition of Prospettiva Danza Teatro International Price (Padua).
- Winning artist of "Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore extra" Network Anticorpi XL.
- Selected for Studio Round by TanzNetzDresden.
- Among the winning artists for "Danza urbana" Network Anticorpi XL.
- Winner of the "Vettori" call for a residency at the Teatro Stabile La Contrada in Trieste
- Among the winning artists of Crossing the Sea.
- Selected for Anghiari Dance Hub 2022