Miller de Nobili

Miller de Nobili

Miller de Nobili was established during the 2020 lockdown, as an artistic collaboration between Maria Chiara de’ Nobili and Alexander Miller. Connected by a shared vision, they aimed to develop a platform that seamlessly integrates their joint passions for breaking, contemporary and urban dance theatre, alongside acting techniques. Their debut collaboration,

“Momento” earned the prestigious Production Prize of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam at the 35th Choreography Competition in Hannover. Driven by their dedication to innovation, virtuosity, and careful attention to detail, Miller de Nobili steadily gained recognition and success through a series of captivating creations. Their full-length work “PACK” was premiered in September 2021 as part of the “Dancing About” festival as a co-production with Tanzpakt Dresden at Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts. After its successful debut, “PACK” was presented at the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022.

In 2022, Miller de Nobili produced “clouds for tomorrow“ which was premiered at PACT Zollverein in the frame of the ATELIER No. 66. The work was invited to be presented at the Tanzplattform Bern, the Tanz Labor Ulm and the 36. international choreographic competition in Hannover, among others. In the same year, MdN produced two original

short creations. “Stay“ produced by SILK Fluegge (Austria) & Pottporus e.V., as well as „up the slippery slope“ for Think Big 2022, supported by the Staatsballett Hannover.

In November 2022, MdN premiered their latest full-length production „Don’t you dare!” co-produced by Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts and supported by Residenzzentrum tanz+. In 2023, MdN was selected to receive the 3 year concept funding by the city of Dresden. In the same year, they participated in the Rotterdam International Choreography Competition (RIDCC) with their latest short creation, “Until Again.”

Their upcoming full-length creation for 2024 will be developed through a series of artistic development residencies spread throughout the year in collaboration with international institutions such as AGORA of Montpellier Danse in France, Teatros del Canal in Madrid, Spain, and Residenzzentrum Tanz+ in Baden, Switzerland. These multiple residencies will provide resources and opportunities for the project’s continuous growth and refinement. 

Curriculum Vitae

Miller de Nobili

M. Chiara de'Nobili - 1995, Naples (Italy)
Alexander "Kelox" Miller - 1989

M.A. Choreography - Palucca University of Dance Dresden

Scholarships, nominations and awards
- Selection of Clouds for Tomorrow for Choreography Competition in Hannover (2022)
- Scapino Ballet Production Award for Momento - Choreography Competition in Hannover (2021)
- 1st prize 'Battle of the Year Germany' with The Saxonz (Miller, 2014 and 2015)

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