For TWOOLS 16, artistic director Ed Wubbe is again looking for the chemistry between different styles and cultures in one programme. According to Wubbe, it is this diversity that creates the tension of the evening. TWOOLS 16 is announced as a 'high-speed choreographic roller coaster'.

Five guest choreographers and Wubbe himself perform six world premieres in an hour and a quarter. The multidisciplinary talent from Spain Marcos Morau, the always playful Itamar Serussi Sahar, Roy Julen who caused a furore on TV in So You Think You Can Dance, the subtle Fang-Yu Shen as the only woman in this list, and the Brazilian Ederson Rodrigues Xavier with his cinematic gaze: each with their own colour and flavour, they provide a sample of the latest theatre dance.



Ed Wubbe

Marcos Morau, Itamar Serussi, Roy Julen, Fang-Yu Shen, Ederson Rodrigues Xavier and Ed Wubbe

Michiel Borstlap (live), Richard van Kruysdijk, G.F. Händel, Wolf Larsen*, Arnold Marinissen*
* performed live by Katharina Gross on cello

Guest dancer
Danny Boom

TWOOLS 16 - Itamar Serussi - TEST

The choreographers can all count on the 22 dancers of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. They include the winner of So You Think You Can Dance 2013: Danny Boom, who dances a guest role in Roy Julen's choreography. Julen's second guest is the adventurous and passionate cellist Katharina Gross.

There is also live music in Ed Wubbe's Into The Woods: he created this work in collaboration with Michiel Borstlap, one of the most important Dutch pianists. Borstlap plays all over the world, including regularly at the North Sea Jazz Festival, and performs with Lavinia Meijer, Ludovico Einaudi and many others. He won the Thelonious Monk Award, an Edison and a Golden Calf. The collaboration is a long-cherished wish of Ed Wubbe, who calls Borstlap "the Eric Satie of our time".

Critic Kester Freriks comes to watch and concludes his review for Theaterkrant with great appreciation: "Twools 16 is a particularly beautiful, intense and compelling dance evening, in which classical and contemporary dance enter into a beautiful harmony."


Into the Woods
Ed Wubbe

Smashroom, too
Fang-Yu Shen

Shin A Lam
Marcos Morau

Roy Julen

Itamar Serussi

Things are Perfect
Ederson Rodrigues Xavier