World class dance, stunning costumes and mesmerising music by composers like Vivaldi. The Baroque spectacle Pearl is one of the most successful productions of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and has attracted over 50,000 visitors.

Baroque comes to life
Pearl radiates the lush, theatrical magnificence of the Baroque era fuelled by a distinctly contemporary verve and dynamic. Ed Wubbe's dazzling choreography ignites a world of seduction, beauty and splendour. Unfolding in a superbly designed operatic staging, Pearl tells the story of passions that are all too human. Pearl throws you headlong into a world of beauty and inescapable decay. Packed with all the ingredients of a classic drama, Pearl is poised to steal many more hearts.

For Pearl, the celebrated Baroque ensemble Combattimento recorded a virtuoso version of largely unknown arias and compositions from the glorious world of Baroque music. Indulge your senses with gorgeous scenery and spectacular costumes that conjure the splendours of a twenty-first century Venetian court.



Ed Wubbe

Vivaldi, Merula en De Visee

Pamela Homoet