Made in Rotterdam foto met twee dansers

Made in Rotterdam

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam presents four new works, performed and created by Scapino dancers.

Made in Rotterdam is Scapino's dance laboratory where dancers can develop their talent as a choreographer. With different artists, styles and themes Made in Rotterdam is just as surprising and diverse as the company. Several dancers already found their way to the big stage with their choreographies, like Mischa van Leeuwen. Discover new talent from Rotterdam and get to know the dancers of Scapino in a new way. 


Onto the Bandwagon
Choreographer: Ruochen Wang with the dancers
Dancers: Delia Albertini, Laura Casasola Fontseca, Martijn van Mierlo, Laura Volpe, Filip Wagrodzki, Lung-ssu Yen
Music mixed and composed by Bas van Holt
Costumes: Petra Finke, Ruochen Wang

Choreographer: Lorenzo Cimarelli with the dancers
Dancers: Nico Amenduni, Claire de Caluwe, Efthimis Tsimageorgis, Laura Volpe, Tommaso Zuchegna
Music: Lorenzo Cimarelli
Costumes: Petra Finke, Lorenzo Cimarelli
Special thanks to Simone Bottasso, Lennart Huysentruyt, Cristina Commisso

Choreographer: Mischa van Leeuwen
Dancers: Delia Albertini, Nico Amenduni, Bonnie Doets, Leslie Humbert, Sana Sasaki, Filip Wagrodzki, Lung-ssu Yen
Music: New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra (live)
Costumes: Petra Finke

Solid void

Choreographer: Lennart Huysentruyt
Dancers: Dalma Doman, Lotte La Haye, Sana Sasaki, Efthimis Tsimageorgis
Music: Lennart Huysentruyt
Costumes: Petra Finke

Made in Rotterdam foto met twee dansers