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Holland & Le Chat Noir

Two iconic pieces by one of the most successful Dutch choreographers now combined in a single performance: Holland & Le Chat Noir by Ed Wubbe. The superb, theatrical dance of this captivating diptych transports audiences to the Golden Age and the Paris Revue.

Even the stage design of Holland is breath-taking—with a backdrop of an endless typically Dutch sky in the style of Van Ruysdael and 17th century-inspired costumes. Holland looks back at the Golden Age, and the crucible that forged the core of the nation’s identity. With tightly directed group pieces intercut with vigorous, fluid solos, the choreography offers a majestic portrayal of Dutch duality: the Netherlands of the wealthy merchant and the austere Calvinist minister.

Le Chat Noir is also unmistakably an Ed Wubbe creation: theatrical, electric with energy and emotion. The piece is a dancing and musical ode to Paris. Le Chat Noir revives the verve and spirit of the venue in an inventive fusion of dance, music and variety acts. Behind the flamboyant artistes and glamour of theatre life lingers loneliness and faded glory. Sparkling operetta music and a new version of the cancan alternate with heart-rending solos set to the music of Brel and Piaf.



Ed Wubbe

Music Holland
Kimmo Pohjonen, Eric Echampard, Fabian Smit (harmonium, live)

Music Le Chat Noir
Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Jacques Offenbach

Costume design
Pamela Homoet

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The press on Holland & Le Chat Noir

Een groep personen op het podium met op de voorgrond een vrouw met armen omhoog geheven