In April and May, Amnesty International is drawing attention to the dire situation in Iran. In several cities you will come across their posters, showing situations that seem very innocent, but for which you can be arrested in Iran, or: #CriminalInIran

Recently, five young Iranian women were arrested by vice police for posting a video showing them dancing without a hijab on TikTok. They call themselves the EkbatanGirls. Soon after, a video appeared in which the women, fully covered, apologised for the video. The suspicion is that this is a forced apology. The dance video went viral, and was imitated by many in solidarity. Earlier this year, a couple received a 10-year prison sentence when they danced outside in the street.

In solidarity with this Amnesty campaign, we danced on the Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. Also stand up for human rights in Iran, sign the petition on and share your own video with #StrafbaarInIran