Soleil de Jager

Soleil de Jager makes her 'dance dream' come true

Yesterday, 16 ambitious dancers were at Theatre de Mythe in the supporting act of Casablanca. Our dancer Soleil de Jager participated in the Dansdroom project herself eight years ago and is now making her dance dream come true as part of our company. Dagblad PZC interviewed Soleil about the project and her dance career.

Dansdroom, the project Soleil de Jager participated in eight years ago, could not have had a better name. After all, it has been Soleil's lifelong dream, dancing with a renowned company like Scapino Ballet. ,,My dance teacher asked if I wanted to audition for the project. I did. Because I was chosen, I was allowed to dance on stage by myself prior to Scapino Ballet's performance. One thing led to another, because after that I was asked for something very special."