Gong Xingxing

Xingxing Gong

Xingxing Gong is an independent choreographer from China. She has danced and choreographed with Beijing Modern & Contemporary Dance Company, Tao Dance Theatre and Beijing Dance (LDTX).

Her work often moves between extreme looseness and rigorous control, capturing the dark side of life, human trauma and silent violence. "Conflict appeals to me; it activates a lot of imaginative space, and if you dive into it with reflection, you can get a glimpse of the most realistic image."

Through the co-construction of body, sight, sound, object and space, she explores new linguistic representations of them, searching for a shared inner drama on both physical and psychological levels. At the same time, she focuses on the connection between the work and the audience, hoping to create a spiritual and visual resonance between the two.

Xingxing won the 2019 Scapino Production Award at the Hannover choreography competition.

Curriculum Vitae

1988, Urumqi (China)

Beijing Dance Academy

Has danced with
Beijing Modern Dance Troupe
TAO Dance Theatre
Beijing Dance LDTX

- Critics' Award for Shade - Hannover International Choreography Competition in Germany (2022)
- Gold Award for professional choreography - Seoul International Dance Competition (2021)
- Scapino Production Award for EXIT - Hannover International Choreography Competition in Germany (2019)
- Best Choreography & Performance, Advanced ACORAN (Akr) Prize - MASDANZA Spanish International Choreography Competition (2019)
- 1st prize 'Second International Ballet and Choreography Competition' - National Center for the Performing Arts (2013)
- Grand Prize 'Third International Ballet and Choreography Competition' - Beijing Xiaoxing Ballet Art Development Foundation (2013)

Gong Xingxing

Choreography Hannover

Choreography Hannover is the longest-running choreography competition in the world. More than 400 choreographers from more than 50 countries participate annually. Scapino's artistic director Ed Wubbe was also artistic director of this competition from 2004 to 2016.