Scapino makes kids dance

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam wants children to dance. And that has everything to do with our origin as a youth dance company. We do this in many ways, for instance with lesson series, teaching kits and workshops. But also with DANS-energizers!

As a gift to all primary schools, in 2021 Scapino developed DANS-energizers, videos of about seven minutes with a dance instruction by a Scapino dancer and a dance along. These digital dance lessons introduced more than 100,000 primary school pupils to Scapino and the four dance elements: time, power, space and body. Due to great success, Scapino is back with a new series of energizers!

Being different is TOF!
We proudly present a new series of DANS-energizers with the theme 'Everyone is different'. A brand new series of dance videos focusing on 'identity'. A fun and accessible way to get students to dance in class and celebrate the fact that everyone is unique. Standing strong in your shoes, standing up for yourself, it all comes to the fore in six new, energetic choreographies.

The energisers can be played on the IWB and used at any time; between lessons or as the end of a busy day. Students get up, slide the chair under the table and the dance lesson can begin.

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