Romeo & Julia

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam dances ‘Romeo & Julia', the major dance production created by Ed Wubbe to celebrate Scapino's 50th anniversary, and the most popular piece in the history of the company. This spectacular production is accompanied by an ensemble of internationally acclaimed musicians.

Shakespeare's legendary tragic love story is one of the highlights of western cultural history. It is a theme that has seen endless permutations over the centuries, taking Shakespeare's brilliant plot as its leitmotiv. Ed Wubbe has distilled the story into twelve scenes that reflect the essence of the tragedy.

With his dynamic dance style and music that echoes cultures from across the globe, Wubbe reveals the universal, timeless and contemporary nature of this classic theme. In this dazzling remake, he also integrates fresh inspiration from urban and hip hop culture. Wubbe's compelling interpretation of major themes such as love, freedom, life and death, performed against a breathtaking and extraordinary backdrop, are at the heart of ‘Romeo & Julia''s enormous success. With magnificent performances by the Scapino dancers, the production continues to inspire and move audiences.

Drawing on love songs from musical traditions throughout the world, the production is accompanied by live music played and composed by Aly N'Diaye Rose - djembé/bougarabou; Sandip Bhattacharya - tabla/rap; Mola Sylla - vocals and percussion; Ceumar Coelho - vocals, guitar; Sebastiaan van Delft - piano; Ville Hiltula - bandoneon.

Concept, decor and choreography: Ed Wubbe
Live music by an international ensemble of renowned musicians