Ed Wubbe is one of the most multi-faceted choreographers in the Netherlands. Time and again he manages to surprise the audience with large-scale, full evening choreographies. He already has nine to his credit. Paramount is his new, tenth full evening production. The setting is that of a group of Western emigrants who, far from home, nostalgically cling to their own habits. The clash of cultures produces a curious mix that only reinforces the feeling of alienation. Wubbe’s Paramount is based on atmospheric sketches and fragments of film from Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. These films are often set in colonies where the Westerners often try to maintain their own culture, customs and habits against their better judgement. This phenomenon is not confined to the 1940s – it knows no boundaries of space or time.

For this production Wubbe collaborated with an international music ensemble that alternates traditional music with references to jazz and Western film music. The ensemble is  specially formed for this production and will play a prominent role on stage.

The ensemble with musicians from The Netherlands, Iran, France, Switserland and Marocco consists of: Jeffrey Bruinsma, violin and musical direction; Baptist Kuvers, viola; Afra Mussawisade, percussion; Eric Surmenian, double bass; Nina Hitz, cello; Kamal Hors, ud.