Young Talents Program

Scapino’s Young Talents Program is one of the most intensive talent development programmes in the Netherlands. Each year, we train six top talents, teaming up with the dance academies including our partner Codarts Rotterdam. The program represents Scapino’s contribution to stimulating a new generation of world class dancers.

At Scapino, young talents have a chance to become fully-fledged dancers. They are part of the company, and dance in the productions. It’s a unique chance to develop their skills in all aspects of the profession, and accelerates the entire learning process: working with choreographers and ballet masters, taking responsibility during the creation process and in the performance on stage.

The coaching program challenges young dancers to take the final step on their journey to the top, and push beyond their boundaries. To discover where their talent really lies, they are encouraged to leave their comfort zone and embrace risk. It’s vital that they’re able to do this in a safe and professional environment. We don’t limit our coaching to a certain number of conversations a week – it’s an ongoing process. In the pressure cooker of Scapino, ballet masters, choreographers and experienced dances offer practical feedback, on a daily basis, as part of the rehearsals. The ‘master-apprentice’ principle plays a vital role in the coaching trajectory, because dancing demands craft as well as talent. The opportunity to tour and dance in productions is the best way to explore dance as a profession, and acquire a wealth of experience.

The Young Talents Program has proved such a success that Scapino intends to expand and deepen the program. Which is why we have launched the campaign Geef Talent de Tijd!. The proceeds will be invested in intensifying the coaching program and strengthening our company. So that we can continue to amaze and enchant the Dutch public with bold, virtuoso dance.