Gouden Zwaan - VSCD - Ed Wubbe – 2017

Dutch Live Entertainment Production Awards 2016 – TING! (chor. Ed Wubbe)

Gouden Zwaan – VSCD - Bonnie Doets - 2013
According to the jury Bonnie Doets "epitomises talent, creativity, ambition and perseverance".

Danspers ‘beste dansproductie’ 2013 – Le Chat Noir (chor. Ed Wubbe)

Prijs van verdienste 2013 – Dansersfonds ’79 – Ed Wubbe
According to the jury Wubbe "focusses on innovative elements in contemporary dance". "Wubbe aims to draw a young audience into the theatre and he does extremely well" the jury states.

Prijs van verdienste 2011 – Dansersfonds ’79 – Mischa van Leeuwen

Prijs van verdienste 2007 – Dansersfonds ’79 – Bonnie Doets

Zwaan 'most impressive dance production' 2004 – Four for nothing (chor. Amanda Miller)

Zilveren theaterdansprijs 2002 – Ederson Rodrigues Xavier


Zwaan ‘most impressive dance performance’ 2016 – Jozefien Debaillie for her part in Pas de Deux (chor. Ed Wubbe)

Danspublieksprijs (audience award) 2014 – Maya Roest

Zwaan ‘most impressive dance production’ 2014 – Blind Spot (chor. Felix Landerer)

Zwaan ‘most impressive dance performance’ 2010 – Mitchell-Lee van Rooij for his part in Holland (chor. Ed Wubbe)

Zwaan ‘most impressive dance performance’ 2009 – Besim Hoti for his part in Leading Edge (chor. Ed Wubbe)