Lorenzo Cimarelli

Overactive, chaotic and noisy. In his early years, Lorenzo Cimarelli is a typical Italian child.

Moreover, out of curiosity, he asks questions throughout the day. "'Mamma, why is the sky blue?', and to her answer I would always respond with: 'Yes, but why?'" When she met a dance teacher at the elementary school where she works, his mother says she really doesn't know what to do with her three-year-old son anymore. The teacher, Claudia Rota, suggests that Lorenzo should take a lesson at her dance school. "My mother wasn't convinced, but agreed. When I cried at the end of the lesson, she thought: you see, that's not for him. But I cried because the lesson was over. It could have lasted forever from me."

Not a dance country

Dance became a means for Lorenzo to express himself, without having to talk. "Now I can walk down the street like a normal person, but at that time I couldn't: I was always dancing." Although Rota's school, Il Laboratorio, is an amateur school, the approach is ambitious and in no time Lorenzo is regularly on stage.

Halfway through his high school years, he continues his lessons in Reggio Emilia and later in Faenza. He then performs for a year with eVolution Dance Theater in Rome, which combines dance, acrobatics and illusion. "All along, however, I knew I wanted to go abroad. Italy is not a dance country. If you tell people in Italy that you dance, they say, 'Okay, but what is your profession?'"

It's hard work, but hey: a dance career is short.

Without an audition

With five words of English and zero knowledge of German, he ends up at the Stadttheater in Bremerhaven. He worked there with many choreographers, including Ed Wubbe, learned a lot, but after a few years had had enough of Bremerhaven. Jokingly, "You have ten houses there, a supermarket and a theater, and the weather is always bad." Orienting himself on other companies, he joins a few classes at Scapino and, to his great joy, Ed Wubbe offers him a contract, without any further audition.

Curriculum Vitae

1995, Bologna, Italy

- Progetto Danza, Reggio Emilia, Italy
- Dance Studio, Faenza, Italy
- Il Laboratorio, Bologna, Italy

Previously danced at

- eVolution Dance Theater, Rome
- Stadttheater Bremerhaven

At Scapino since
To be seen in

All hands on deck, Cathedral, The Great Bean, Casablanca, The Square 2

The corona pandemic has taught me not to be afraid of change and to live more ín the moment.


"Rotterdam is fantastic and Scapino and Ed are 'amazing'", he says about the past years. "It's hard work, but hey: a dance career is only short, so being continuously pushed is better than hanging out on the couch all day." He enjoys working with renowned choreographers: "Through Marcos Moraus Cathedral, for example, I grew tremendously; in everything I do since then I carry the 'Morau tools' in my body." But he also greatly appreciates the fact that Scapino offers opportunities to young makers. For Made in Rotterdam, he himself is creating Almost Blind in 2019 and Lin]e in 2021, and in the future he hopes to make his own creations more often.


Lin]e also leads to a new hobby, maybe even profession: "I couldn't find suitable music, so I decided to create my own (electronic) composition with the help of online tutorials. A huge hassle, but it gave me a lot of freedom. I now regularly create music for choreographer friends." Other passions include cooking and cleaning. "I am the opposite of my three-year older brother. Where he is wild and messy, I am very precise. Not on the obsessive side, but I love a clean and tidy house."


Photography: Khalid Amakran | Interview: Astrid van Leeuwen


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