Scapino Ballet Rotterdam has a reputation for presenting exciting dance of a new generation choreographers. New Adventures  brings various choreographers and styles together in a varied performance. Just as in the successful performances TWOOLS and Rollercoaster. The Scapino Dancers exchange effortless in dancestyles in pieces by top choreographers and new talent. 

House choreographer Itamar Serussi is considered one of the greatest choreographers of the moment. Serussi tells his stories with a deluge of images. "Fresh, bold and powerful," according to the Times and 'modern dance as we have seen little in recent years, "according to Dance Talk. House Choreographer Felix Landerer develops its own style with its ingenious group choreographies which are a delight to watch. He mixes a flowing organic dance style with virtuoso urban movements. The creative and theatrical dance pieces by Martin Harriague intrigue because of their grotesque and absurd character.

Castlist New Adventures