Dates 28 October 2022 to 24 February 2023
Duration 70 minutes

The movie Casablanca, starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, ranks as one of the best movies of all time. Choreographer Ed Wubbe uses the story of this 1942 Hollywood classic as a foundation for a visual production about passion, freedom and a longing for a better world.

In Casablanca, Wubbe forges several disciplines into a dazzling new whole. He creates a imaginative, theatrical world with dance in different styles, circus elements, acrobatics and music on a rotating stage. Casablanca is set in a place where people, on the run for war, await a better existence. Behind the romantic story there is a twilight world in which the line between reality and fantasy is thin, and where the definition of good and evil fades.

The base of the music is the movie's soundtrack, with its unique score and jazz songs from the 1940s. Different arrangements of the famous track 'As Time Goes By' will be featured in the production.



Ed Wubbe


Casablanca, Original Soundtrack Motion Picture
Musique Du Monde; Maroc: Musique Berbères

Costume design

Pamela Homoet

Light design

Xavier Spruit Bleeker, Ed Wubbe

Sound design

Ed Wubbe, Joep van der Velden



It is the waiting and waiting. The hopelessness.

Ed Wubbe


Ed Wubbe (photo Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir)
Ed Wubbe

A male and female dancer in a light suit on a stage in orange lights. He is on one knee and she leans on him and has his head in her hands.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski
Two dansers in duet on the stage. We see the back of a female, who has her hand against the chest of her partner. He has his hand around her wrist and the other arm on her back. A mysterious figure is watching in the background.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski
A group of dancers with their hands as fists in front of their chests, leaning forward and modestly dancing in orange lighting.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski
Two dancers on stage. The male dancer has his arm around her back as she leans backwards and had her arm stretched back. At the background someone is watching from the shadow.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski
A group of dansers on a round stage in orange lighting with smoke. A few of them standing on eachothers shoulders.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski
Dancers in a triangle shape on stage, but we only see the face of the first. All dancers have two big fans with black feathers in their hands.
Casablanca - Bas Czerwinski


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