24 September 2020 to 03 October 2020

Scapino starts the new season in the Van Nelle Fabriek, an icon of Rotterdam and UNESCO world heritage monument. From September 24, Scapino will be dancing the special performance here for two weeks: The Blend.

Where exotic coffees were once blended into new exiting flavors, a group of young choreographers and musicians, directed by Ed Wubbe, mixes different styles of dance and music in an exiting performance; The Blend. In an impressive decor of concrete and steel, the audience gets a special viewing experience, in which styles collide with each other and go together surprisingly.

With contributions of Alba Castillo, Dox (Unorthadox) and Justin de Jager.


All shows at the Van Nelle Fabriek are sold out, but you can still watch The Blend from the comfort of your livingroom. Book tickets for the livestream on September 30th (20.30 hrs) and be part of an adventureous performance of dance and music.

Tickets are 10 euros and can be bought at the boxoffice of Theater Rotterdam.

24 September 2020
to 03 October 2020


Ed Wubbe


Alba Castillo, Dox, Justin de Jager

The young Dutch choreographer Justin de Jager is a pioneer in the emerging breakdance discipline "Threading". In The Blend he creates a world of his own in which the dancers are intertwined as one body with an infinite sequence of movements. Despite his young age, he won the audience prize of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) last year and reached the final of Hollands Got Talent.

The Spanish choreographer Alba Castillo creates pure dance poetry with a touch of magic. In Van Nelle's old factory hall, a childlike dream world flourishes in which fantasy and reality intertwine. Alba is a soloist at Ballet Theater Basel and wins prizes as a choreographer at all the festivals she participates in, from Copenhagen to Beijing.

The Rotterdam spoken word artist, musician, rapper and performer Dox (Unorthadox) guarantees a thrilling clash of cultures in The Blend. Musicians and dancers challenge each other to join in surprising improvisations. With his love for disrupting and breaking existing codes, Dox manages to create a new dynamic between dance and music.

Alba Castillo
Composer / musician
Justin de Jager