All hands on deck

Scapino Ballet and Släpstick (formerly know as Wëreldbänd) bring out the best in each other with superb combinations of dance, physical comedy, slapstick, music and theatre.

The five members of the music theatre group Släpstick combine virtuoso musicality with superb performance skills in the style of the Marx Brothers, and Mini and Maxi. And, with the dancers of Scapino they whip up a turbulent sea voyage in All hands on deck. Choreographer Ed Wubbe sends a colourful group of characters off on an ocean crossing with dancers who sing, and musical comics who dance. The sailor’s life promises exciting encounters and adventures. But there’s always a price to pay. This is a production about yearning, joy, farewells, love, hardships and homesickness.

Brace yourself for the most amazing co-production in theatre land!

Last year, Scapino won the ‘Production of the Year Award’ for TING! Släpstick was awarded the prestigious 'Spirit of the Fringe Award’ at the world’s biggest theatre festival in Edinburgh.


09 March 2019
to 15 June 2019

Ed Wubbe
Släpstick (formerly know as Wëreldbänd)
Rogier Bosman, Willem van Baarsen, Sanne van Delft, Ro Krauss & Jon Bittman
Maya Roest, Mischa van Leeuwen, Christian Leveque | photo Bas Czerwinski
Ensemble | photo Rob Becker
Lorenzo Cimarelli | photo Rob Becker
Ruochen Wang | photo Bas Czerwinski
Maya Roest, Mischa van Leeuwen en Willem van Baarssen | photo Rob Becker