Efthimis Tsimageorgis

Twelve-year-old Efthimis Tsimageorgis signed up for a hiphop class through a classmate. Secretly.

"I have diabetes, so my parents didn't want me to do physically strenuous things." Even before the actual lesson, Efthimis is sold: "During the last regular school lesson of the day, I was already out of my mind. I was only thinking about the cool outfit I would wear to the hip-hop class." His parents eventually agreed to more classes. "I said: I have to move. If I don't, I'll be unhappy."

Russian ballet teacher

The teachers recognised Efthimis's talent and soon he was taking modern dance classes and, to help a friend out of a jam, he became her Latin dance partner, which brought him awards. It was not until he was fifteen that he took his first ballet class. "The Russian teacher convinced me that ballet is the basis of everything. She was a good teacher, and I was a good student: I gave one hundred percent and dreamed of dancing in New York one day."

Because the costs of training at, for example, the American Juilliard are too high, he auditioned, on the advice of a fellow student, at Codarts Rotterdam. "I had no idea. In a blazing hot studio I recorded an improvisation video. I had never improvised before, knew nothing about editing, but miraculously I was accepted."

At Scapino you are a person, not a 'dance machine'.

Muscle aches

In his fourth year of study, he did an internship at Scapino. "I was overjoyed. On the very first day, I was allowed to learn a new work by Itamar Serussi. He has a unique dance language, and after the first rehearsals I couldn't walk because of the muscle aches." Ed Wubbe then gave him a role in Pas de deux. "That was also challenging, but more in a 'happy way'. Ed gives you all the space to explore new movements and make them your own."

After his internship year, there is no contract available, but Wubbe tells him, "I want to see you again in the future." Efthimis, laughing: "Only later did I discover that he really meant it."

Curriculum Vitae

1994, Kavala, Greece

- Dance Academy Kavala
- Codarts Rotterdam

Previously danced at
Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken, Germany
At Scapino since
2019 (and as a trainee in season 2015/2016)
Scholarships, awards and prizes
Scholarship of the Kylián Foundation

My ambition is: to stay with Scapino for the time being, to travel, and above all to be good to myself and others.

Total dedication

For three years he worked at the Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbrücken, where he danced in works by artistic director Stijn Celis and well-known choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Alexander Ekman and Andonis Foniadakis. "In the third year, however, the repertoire became more and more classical. Scapino was going to start a second company, I sent some videos and was allowed to come back."

For him, he says, Scapino is "a house where everyone works with total dedication to keeping the art of dance alive". And a place where he is really seen as a human being, rather than as a 'dance machine'. His favourite production to date is the diptych Holland & Le Chat Noir. "Precisely because of the contrast: Holland is neoclassical and technically and physically challenging, in Le Chat Noir I could really indulge myself as a fierce macho and the dance language is very earthy."


The diptych also creates romance: after one of the performances, his current boyfriend, a Dutch dancer and choreographer, comes to compliment him. Their relationship and the bond with family and friends is very important to Efthimis. "I love it when you can say anything to people, and don't have to watch your words."

He also does everything he can to stay healthy and fit, and loves cooking and good food. "Fortunately, despite my diabetes, I can take a lot: I dance off a chocolate bar in no time."


Photography: Khalid Amakran | Interview: Astrid van Leeuwen


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