Dalma Doman

After her dance education in her hometown Györ, Dalma Doman starts her career at the Budapest Dance Theatre, but however much she develops as a dancer, she does not really find what she is looking for.

Dalma decides to go freelance and to take classes at foreign companies, including Nederlands Dans Theater and Scapino. "That's how I discovered the power of being myself. The possibility to develop as an individual, instead of as the dancer you should be in the eyes of others." She falls for Scapino like a log. Only there was no room for new dancers at the time. So she goes back to Hungary, gets a job with the Kecskemét City Ballet, but in the meantime keeps dreaming of Rotterdam. "I waited four years, there were so many dancers who wanted to work here at the time, but in 2017 it was my time."

Continuous self-exploration

She has never felt any disappointment since. "I longed for a place where there was space for me as an individual and I still feel that space every day. It is an important element in Ed Wubbe's work anyway: he gives space to the person behind the dancer." That space, she says, requires continuous self-exploration.

As a result, she keeps finding new layers in herself and now knows she is an emotional dancer. Laughing: "Not that I cry all the time, but I am really in touch with my feelings, not afraid to touch the deepest sensations." In Wubbe's Casablanca, she experienced this for the first time to its essence. "I felt little gestures and emotions popping up that really came from inside me."

I felt emotions coming up that really came from inside me.

Bridge builder

Dalma has since made several choreographies and together with former Scapino dancer Mara Hulspas she did a year-long choreographic research project. "That was very intense and it was incredibly nice that Scapino offered me that space, but for now I want to concentrate on dancing."

Later on, she hopes - because 'unfortunately she cannot dance all her life' - to contribute to the art world in other ways. She sees herself primarily as a bridge builder and initiator of multidisciplinary productions. "I want to find ways of bringing young people into contact with art. To let them experience that art can give you much more than an evening of Netflix."

Curriculum Vitae

1993, Györ, Hungary
School for Dance en Fine Arts, Györ
Previously danced with
Budapest Dance Theatre, Kecskemét City Ballet
With Scapino since

By reflecting as a dancer on who you are, you help your audience to also explore certain aspects in themselves. That is the power of art.

Away from my thoughts

Friendships, family and connecting with fellow humans are important to Dalma. "Anything that helps me grow and get closer to myself. I appreciate more and more the people and things that are already there, instead of always looking for new, new, new."

For some time now she has also been playing the piano again, something she gave up as a child in order to dance. "Playing the piano gives me a lot. It is like meditating: it immediately takes me away from my thoughts." She also loves dogs; as a kind of running gag, she has been saying for years that she hopes to get one on her birthday. "When I'm walking through the city with my boyfriend and we see a dog, we always fantasise about what the dog is thinking, we put ourselves in its shoes, as it were." Laughing, "I'm a 'big dog narrator'!"


Photography: Khalid Amakran | Interview: Astrid van Leeuwen


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