24 February 2000 to 27 May 2000

Since it's premiere in 2000 Scapino Ballet Rotterdam has achieved big (inter)national successes with Rosary by Ed Wubbe, to Franz Schubert's String Quartet in C.

A wide range of human emotions are covered in Rosary. Hope and despair go hand in hand. Wubbe drew his inspiration from Schubert's emotional String Quartet in C, D956, which the composer wrote in the turbulent last months of his life and is today regarded as a highlight of the chamber music repertoire.

Ed Wubbe's Rosary is a lively choreography with an enormous verve and dynamism. In a mood of exuberant dance delight, an uncommon frustration surfaces before turning just as quickly into an almost devil-may-care lack of inhibition.

Choreography: Ed Wubbe
Music: String Quartet in C by Franz Schubert

Ed Wubbe


Artistic director Ed Wubbe is one of the most versatile Dutch choreographers whose work is seen by a large audience in the Netherlands. His immediate hit ‘Rameau’, his first production as...

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