11 December 2013 to 20 April 2014

‘PEARL’ is “Dance at its best”, according to the Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant. Last season, the baroque sensation by company choreographer Ed Wubbe, to the live accompaniment of intoxicating music performed by Combattimento was one of the biggest box office dance hits. Now, ‘Pearl’ is home from a sell-out tour and back in the theatres by popular demand.  

This intoxicating choreography to virtuoso dance music by composers such as Vivaldi exudes the heady, theatrical mood of the Baroque and is driven by the tempo and dynamism of now. Romance, resplendence and sumptuousness, seduction, decadence and decay are the ingredients that Wubbe, and his full complement of dancers, invoke in bringing ‘PEARL’ to life. The wonderful music is performed live by the distinguished Combattimento musicians joined alternately by one of the celebrated alto singers Helena Rasker, Noa Frenkel and Cecile van de Sant or counter tenor, Kaspar Kröner. And, with spectacular costumes for the dancers and musicians, ‘PEARL’ is a visual feast to rival any spectacle that exhilarated contemporary Versailles. Both on, and off, stage.


  • 4Star

    "Dance at its best."

    De Volkskrant, Hein Jansen, 21-10-2013

    ‘Pearl was remarkable. Dance at its best. With live Baroque music, and stunning costumes. About decadence and its decaying underbelly. About love that fades, about roses that are nothing but withered buds. Over the last two months, Pearl toured the country to sell-out theatres.’

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  • "Pearl is a must-see."

    Place de l’Opera, 14-11-2014

    ‘If you want to see what two prestigious companies can achieve when they bridge the hundred-kilometre gap between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and both do what they do best, Pearl is a must-see.’

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  • "Scapino has a hit on its hands with Pearl."

    Danspubliek, 14-11-2014

    ‘Scapino Ballet Rotterdam has a hit on its hands with Pearl. Almost every performance is more or less sold out, and the production is simply exhilarating. (…) Seeing Ed Wubbe and his company bring Baroque music to life, to the sheer delight of the audience, is an extraordinary experience.’

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Ed Wubbe


Artistic director Ed Wubbe is one of the most versatile Dutch choreographers whose work is seen by a large audience in the Netherlands. His immediate hit ‘Rameau’, his first production as...

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Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Combattimento

Scapino is a world-renowned innovative modern dance company and appeals to audiences of all ages. With grand thematic productions, often set to live music by our artistic director Ed Wubbe, we have developed a genre entirely our own. Our adventurous productions and passion for experiment fired by a flair for entertainment turn our productions into box office successes and energizing art experiences. The Dutch Combattimento chamber orchestra is one of the most distinguished Baroque ensembles in the world and is known for its musical mastery and sparkling stage presence.