choreography: Ed Wubbe
music: Suzanne Oberbeck, CD No Bra (Doherfuckher; Munchhausen; New Girls; Polite; Motorcockhead; Dance and Walk)
set and costumes: Pamela Homoet

Première: Wednesday 3 October 2007, Rotterdam Schouwburg
Playing: 28 September - 28 November 2007

Over recent years, Ed Wubbe has created a number of impassioned group choreographies, including The Green and The Brides.
In his new dance piece 'Quartet', Wubbe has shifted his focus to the duet.

Against a mystical backdrop, Wubbe's series of duets explores contradictory human emotions: the yearning for human contact and, simultaneously, solitariness.

Drawing on a combination of classic techniques and the freedom of contemporary dance, Ed Wubbe choreographs expressive dance pieces fusing theatricality with human fallibility.

© Hans Gerritsen

Nicole Kohlmann, Tadayoshi Kokeguchi

in 'Quartet'

Nicole Kohlmann, Melanie Oger, Tadayoshi Kokeguchi

in 'Quartet'

Melanie Oger, Nicole Kohlmann

in 'Quartet'