26 September 2014 to 20 December 2014

ICONS is inspired by iconic figures from art, music and film, and is created by the most sensational dance-makers of the moment.


The new production by Ed Wubbe ‘Icon/Nico’ is inspired by the turbulent life of the legendary singer Nico. After appearing in Fellini's La Dolce Vita, and a career as a photo model, in the 1960s, Nico settled in New York and became a part of Andy Warhol’s art entourage. The beautiful ice queen joined The Velvet Underground as a singer, and soon had Lou Reed and John Cale falling at her feet. In 1997 Ed Wubbe created the successful production ‘Nico’, for which John Cale wrote the music. Wubbe continued to be fascinated by the period and, 17 years later, he has entirely re-envisioned the piece, shedding new light on the phenomenon of Nico and The Factory of Andy Warhol, legendary as a breeding ground for icons.

15 minutes or less

‘In the future everyone wil be famous for 15 minutes’. Felix Landerer bases his new choreography on Andy Warhol’s prescient statement. With his super-organic language of movement, Landerer has created a breathtakingly-conceived choreography that brilliantly shows us that the future is now. Felix Landerer has recently been nominated for the Swan, the Dutch dance Oscar.


Bombastic, overwhelming, larger than life. After his unequalled debut at Scapino, Itamar Serussi Sahar creates a work that is unarguably iconic. Whipped up by the music, the dancers devour the stage with a brazen yet natural ease. A choreographic vision blending humour and ferocity.

Cast & Credits


Choreography: Ed Wubbe
Music John Cale: ‘Iceberg I', ‘Ari Sleepy Too', ‘Iceberg II', ‘Nibelungen (album ‘Nico, The Ballet, special composition)
Music Nico: ‘You Forgot To Answer', ‘The End', (album ‘The End'); ‘My Funny Valentine' (album ‘Camera Obscura')
Lighting designer: Ramunxto Stoete with Ed Wubbe
Costume designer: Pamela Homoet

Tonights dancers:
Bonnie Doets, Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir, Jozefien Debaillie, Laura Casasola Fontseca, Mara Hulspas, Maya Roest, Véronique Prins.
Alexandre Jolicoeur, Daniel van de Laar, David Nigro, Jean Gabriel Maury, Luigi Sardone, Nikita Korotkov, Ruben Garcia Arabit.


Choreography: Itamar Serussi
Music: Richard van Kruysdijk
Lighting designer: Ate Jan van Kampen
Costume designer: Itamar Serussi Sahar

Tonights dancers:
Mara Hulspas. Alexandre Jolicoeur, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Kiyan Khoshoie, Mischa van Leeuwen, Nikita Korotkov.

15 Minutes or less...

Choreography: Felix Landerer
Music: Christof Littmann
Vocals and text: Lauren Mace
Lighting designers: Ramunxto Stoete and Felix Landerer
Set dresser and costume designer: Till Kuhnert

Tonights dancers:
Bonnie Doets, Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir, Dominique Steenwijk, Ellen Landa, Jozefien Debaillie, Louiza Avraam, Mara Hulspas, Maya Roest, Véronique Prins.
Alexandre Jolicoeur, Daniel van de Laar, David Nigro, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Kiyan Khoshoie, Luigi Sardone, Mischa van Leeuwen, Nikita Korotkov, Ruben Garcia Arabit.