25 September 2015 to 19 December 2015

Rarely were reactions from the press and public as unanimous and so highly as that of Itamar Serussi: "matchless" "overwhelming" "modern dance as we have not seen the last few years." After his sensational breakthrough with the overwhelming and hilarious 'WOLF', this season all eyes are focused on this new house choreographer of Scapino.

In his new full-length HENRY we see the energetic movement style that makes him so special: playful, light, elegant, sassy, humorous, crazy, razor sharp and all simultaneously. The inventiveness of movements, variations on classic and modern, seems inexhaustible to Serussi. From its roots in the famous Batsheva Dance Company, he developed his very explicit style that goes beyond the traditional dance movements. He pushes the dancers of Scapino to their physical limits. The uplifting soundscape of his regular composer Richard van Kruysdijk, a mix of dance, pop and techno, is the fuel that jumpstarts the show and keeps it going.

Cast & credits

Choreography Itamar Serussi
Music Richard van Kruysdijk
Lightdesign Ate Jan van Kampen
Costumes Petra Finke

Dancers Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir, Daphne van Dooren, Ellen Landa, Laura Casasola Fontseca, Mara Hulspas, Marie-Louise Hertog, Maya Roest, Rosa Wijsman.
Alexandre Jolicoeur, Efthimis Tsimageorgis, Kiyan Khoshoie, Mischa van Leeuwen, Nikita Korotkov, Pedro Jerónimo, Reid Cuming, Ruben Garcia Arabit.

Balletmaster Christophe Dozzi
Costumesdepartment Pamela Homoet, Petra Finke, Mara Wap – dresser
Technique Guido Verschoor – stage manager/chief engineer, Rimmert van Lummel - sound, Xavier Spruit Bleeker – light, Behrooz Vasseghi – stage assistant, Ruud Munne – transport