The Green

10 February 2006 to 24 May 2006

In many dances created by artistic director Ed Wubbe, the world is seldom as beautiful as it seems. With his classical lyrical dance language, he starts by throwing sand in the spectator’s eyes. But gradually wrinkles appear in the smooth surface and razor-sharp movements produce unrest and tension.

In this new piece, he compares the intimidating magnitude of Bach’s Johannes Passion with man’s insignificance.

Ed Wubbe


Artistic director Ed Wubbe is one of the most versatile Dutch choreographers whose work is seen by a large audience in the Netherlands. His immediate hit ‘Rameau’, his first production as...

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Choreography Ed Wubbe
Music parts of the Johannes Passion van J.S. Bach
Setdesign Ed Wubbe

Light Mark Truebridge

Costumes Pamela Homoet

Dancers Brandon O'Dell, Jan Kooijman, Joaquim De Santana, Cleme Wermers, Mitchell-lee van Rooij, Rein Putkamer en Ryan Lawrence

Première: Wednesday 15 Februay 2006, Rotterdamse Schouwburg